Maria of Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust shows a group Constable Road railway bridge

Lockleaze – development and transport

On Wednesday 16th March Bristol Civic Society arranged a study tour with the Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust to look at the significant new housing development taking place in Lockleaze. FoSBR joined to be better informed of the impact on transport.

We met at The Hub, where Suzanne (CEO) and Maria (Community Activator) gave us a talk about Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust, its role in the community and an overview of housing projects in Lockleaze.


Over 1000 homes are planned across 30 development sites. Suzanne and Maria explained how the volume of planning applications and community engagement events make it difficult for local residents to keep track of developments.  The Trust promotes information sharing and engagement via the local Residents’ Planning Group.  

Maria then took us on a tour around some of the larger sites. There are at various stages of construction, from land awaiting remediation to completed homes.

Some of the developments are high density, and encroach on to the green space of what was previously a low density suburb. The Trust has helped local residents influence the developments to some extent, with changes to height, boundaries, affordability quotas and local lettings policies.

Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust summary of Lockleaze developments late 2021, for updates see
Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust summary of Lockleaze developments late 2021, for updates see

Public transport

Public transport issues will be exacerbated by the increase in population. There are traffic pinch points leading on to Muller Road and Filton Avenue.

In the Lockleaze Community Plan residents say poor public transport is a barrier to accessing jobs. Car ownership in the area is below average. 

The key bus routes in Lockleaze are:

  • Service 24 runs from Ashton Gate/centre to Southmead via Romney Ave and Bonnington Walk.
  • Service 72 runs from Bristol Temple Meads to UWE via Constable Road, Gainsborough Square and the Romney Ave bus gate.
  • Service 10 runs to Thornbury, Bristol Parkway, UWE, Southmead, Lawrence Weston, Avonmouth, Severn Beach (shift changes only).
  • Service 11 runs to Bristol Parkway, UWE, Southmead, Shirehampton, Avonmouth.
  • Service 10 /11 via Constable Road, Gainsborough Square and the Romney Ave bus gate.
  • Other buses run up Filton Ave and Muller Road to the west and south

There are good cycle paths through Lockleaze, although shared use paths can create tension. The Concorde Way cycle path runs parallel to the railway line through Lockleaze and connects the city centre to Bradley Stoke and Cribbs Causeway. A new shared use path through Stoke Park is nearing completion.  This path will run from Sir Johns Lane to Jellicoe Avenue, with access at Stanfield Close, Romney Avenue and Long Wood Meadows.

The closest railway stations are Filton Abbey Wood and Bristol Parkway. There are no buses to Filton Abbey Wood but services 10 and 11 stop at Bristol Parkway.

A station for Horfield/Lockleaze?

Maria told the group that there is strong local support for a Lockleaze railway station. She took the group to Constable Road railway bridge. This is FoSBR’s preferred location for a Lockleaze station as it is accessible to pedestrians and would make a convenient interchange to buses which run along Constable Road – services 10/11/72 (see above routes).

Another potential station site discussed by Bristol City Council is 300m further south of Constable Road, near the footpath between Brangwyn Grove and Dovercourt Road allotments.  FoSBR believe that site is less well placed for pedestrian access and bus interchange. 

Constable Road would be midway between stations (planned and existing) along the line:  

  • Ashley Down < 1.5km > Constable Road < 1.5km > Filton Abbey Wood

For comparison, other local station intervals are:

  • Montpelier < 0.7km > Redland < 0.8km > Clifton Down
  • Shirehampton < 0.8km > Portway P&R < 1.5km > Avonmouth
Looking south-west from Constable Road railway bridge to old gas-holder site
Looking south-west from Constable Road railway bridge to old gas-holder site

WECA mobility hub survey

WECA are currently running workshops on mobility hubs, to make it “easier for people to switch between different modes of transport – improving connectivity and making multi-modal journeys easier while at the same time providing an opportunity to improve public spaces in a way which meets local community and business needs.”

The list of potential mobility hub locations around Lockleaze is as follows:

  • UWE campus
  • New Road/Abbeywood Retail Park
  • Church Road, Filton
  • Filton Avenue/Conygre Road, Filton
  • Filton Avenue/Dorchester Road, Filton
  • Gainsborough Square, Lockleaze

In the initial mobility hub consultation, many Lockleaze residents replied to WECA that they would like a mobility hub at a new railway station by Constable Road!


Dan Norris (West of England Metro Mayor) has told campaigners that Horfield/Lockleaze station is an aspiration in the Joint Local Transport Plan Version 4 (2020-2036), “the proposals for which require further work to understand whether its feasibility can be demonstrated and if funding can be justified”.

FoSBR have an ongoing postcard petition to show Dan Norris that there is substantial local support for the station. Darren Jones MP, and local councillors David Wilcox and Heather Mack have been supportive of our campaign.

The postcard can be printed here and should be posted to:

Metro Mayor Dan Norris, WECA, 3 Rivergate, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6EW

Thank you

Many thanks to Bristol Civic Society and Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust for making the Lockleaze visit happen, and particularly to Maria for sharing her enthusiasm for Lockleaze despite the rain!

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