FoSBR organises events and meetings, sometimes to further our campaigns and sometimes just to get together with other people who love rail.

For most of the last year, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to restrictions on gatherings and has limited travel to essential journeys. This has stopped us from organising events, with the imaginative exception of the FoSBR Sixes in autumn 2020.

However we hope to schedule more talks on Zoom shortly and look forward to in-person events.

Watch this space and the news for announcements!


Minutes of past meetings are here:

FoSBR AGM 202228th January 2022 via ZoomMinutes
FoSBR AGM 202129th January 2021 via ZoomMinutes
FoSBR AGM 202014th February 2020Minutes
FoSBR AGM 201918th January 2019Minutes
FoSBR AGM 201826th January 2018Minutes
FoSBR AGM 201720th January 2017Minutes
FoSBR AGM 201629th January 2016Minutes
FoSBR AGM 201523rd January 2015Minutes
FoSBR AGM 201417th January 2014Minutes
FoSBR AGM 201326th January 2013Minutes
FoSBR AGM 201122nd January 2011Minutes