Constitution 2011

Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways Constitution

  1. The name of the Organisation shall be ‘Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways’
  2. The Purpose of FoSBR is to ‘campaign for improvements in rail services in suburban Bristol’
  3. Business year: The business year shall begin on the 1st January and end on the 31st December.
  4. Subscriptions are due on 1st January at a rate set by the General Meeting. New members joining in November and December will have their subscriptions carried forward to the following December.
  5. Officers: A Committee of Chair, secretary, treasurer, membership secretary, press officer and campaign secretary shall be elected by the General Meeting. Other members will be co-opted to the committee as required.
  6. A General Meeting will be called annually in January of each year to elect a Chair and committee members, to consider the Annual Reports and Financial Accounts and to elect an auditor.
  7. In addition to the AGM there will be a minimum of 3 (three) other open meetings a year for all members and the public to attend.
  8. The Committee will meet during the year as required (but not less than 4 times). The Committee will consider and act upon the needs of the moment and ensure the Organisation’s aims are being pursued.
  9. Extraordinary meetings can be called by the officers and Committee.
    Members will be given one month’s notice of the General Meeting or any Extraordinary Meeting.
  10. There will be no voting by proxy. Only members who are paid up subscribers by the beginning of the AGM (or EGM) are eligible to vote.