Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways

Campaign Updates 2017

#RedSun over Hitachi 800 at Temple Meads Drips, delays and dignitaries - Hitachi trains enter service - 16th October 2017

SBL leafletUpdate on recent delays and cancellations from Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways - 21st December 2017

Filton Bank blockadeNetwork Rail are making good progress on the Filton Bank 4-tracking - weekend blockade enabled Narroways footbridge replacement - 18th-19th November 2017

Portway PandR from M5 bridgeFOSBR newsletter with latest updates on Portway P&R, analysis of the disappointing rail elements of the WECA Joint Transport Plan & much, much more - October 2017

Original alignment of Thornbury line in deep cutting, freight headshunt at higher level (between Grovesend Bridge and Grovesend Tunnel Thornbury line re-opens (but only to freight, and only to Tytherington) - October 2017

FOSBR approach to WECAFOSBR submitted a large body of evidence in support of rail to recent WECA meeting - 30th October 2017

HansardIn Hansard (Vol 630, No. 39, 24 Oct 2017) Darren Jones MP (Bristol NW) raised Henbury Loop in session on 'Rail Links: South West England'. Paul Maynard in reply acknowledged his comments but would not say whether he supports - 24th October 2017

Ashton Vale level crossingPortishead Line Re-opening: possibly positive news - October 2017

Montenegrin engine From Bar to Belgrade across Tito's Balkan Railway - September 2017

Pilning Credit @coriniumtv The Pilning special Sunday service on 20th August proved to be extremely popular - 20th August 2017

NR Network Rail are working on the electrification through Bristol Parkway and addition of new fourth platform - service alterations are outlined here - 19th August 2017 to 15th September 2017

Filton Bank with 4 tracks Network Rail are carrying out a major programme of 4-tracking work along Filton Bank including Narroways Footbridge and Stapleton Road Viaduct replacements - June 2017 to December 2018

MetroWest Phase 3 The FOSBR detailed proposal for Enhanced MetroWest (as distributed to MetroMayoral candidates) - 3rd April 2017

Stapleton Road Viaduct Replacement Stapleton Road Viaduct Replacement - Demolition and reconstruction from February 2017 until October 2018

FoPSRSMany friends of Parson Street Railway Station celebrate the station's 90th birthday & a special guest speeds past - Sunday 3rd September 2017

Library walkLawrence Hill to Wick Road Library, a 3 mile walk to celebrate Bristol's public transport and libraries - 22nd August 2017

All The Stations go to PilningAll The Stations, who are visiting every UK national station, travel from Bristol to Severn Beach and then to Pilning to meet campaigners - 24th June 2017

FOSBR approach to WECADevolution kicks off - FOSBR approach to first WECA meeting: documents to support our case for rail investment - 28th June 2017

Rally for RailDevolution kicks off - our Rally for Rail pushed the case for rail in the WECA region in advance of first WECA meeting - 23rd June 2017

General ElectionGeneral Election - Rally at Temple Meads to highlight local rail issues - 23rd May 2017

#MetroMayor hustingsHustings season has begun, here is our open letter to #MetroMayor candidates - 3rd April 2017

Winterstoke Road level crossingFOSBR response to MetroWest Phase 1 cost escalations - 9th March 2017

Bristol DockerBristol Docker excursion train travels the Henbury Loop and Portishead freight lines - 4th March 2017

Friends of Parson StreetNew group Friends of Parson Street Railway Station formed to improve facilities and services - January 2017

Electrification delay Portishead funding gap should be met as compensation for electrification delay - 8th February 2017

Pilning footbridge Pilning footbridge footnote: Network Rail saved £658,000 by not replacing the bridge but it will now cost the taxpayer over £5,000,000 to replace it via the GRIP process - 29th January 2017

WEP Joint Transport Study WEP ran a consultation to seek comments on the Joint Spatial Plan and Joint Transport Study which seek to define a development framework for the West of England to 2036
FOSBR response here- 19th December 2016

Farewell to Keira Farewell to Keira and her Coffee Trike at Redland station - 25th November 2016

SCRP Progress Report Severnside Community Rail Partnership Progress Report: February 2017 - SCRP raised funds to substantially enhance Severn Beach station in 2016